75 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You Up to $200 Per Article

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If you have ever wondered how to make money from writing, this guide is for you! Whether you are a student, a stay-at-home- mom, or an entrepreneur, these 75 websites will pay you to write. All you need is good content and an eye for a good market. Once you have that, it’s just a matter of putting in the time and submitting your articles. With various websites to choose from, it’s pretty hard to know which ones to join. This guide has been put together to help you make the best decisions for your writing career.

List of 75 Websites That Will Pay You For Writing

There is something for everyone on the list, ranging from parenting and knitting to business and writing.

1 – Family Fun

Families with children aged three to twelve are served by FamilyFun, a popular magazine that covers a broad range of topics. They’re interested in posts that are easy to follow and pay $1.25 per word for 850-3000 words. They’re looking for fun, family-tested posts.

2 – Cosmopolitan

One of the most famous sites that pay you to write is the online version of this magazine. They’ll pay $100 for an 800-word piece of writing and accept new material as well as published articles.

3 – A Fine Parent

For practical parenting advice, A Fine Parent will pay up to $50. Make sure your submissions are open before pitching them because they sometimes close them.

4 – Motherly

With a fresh perspective, Motherly pays for parenting stories. After two posts, you’ll get paid $50 per post.

5 – Her View From Home

Submissions on home, family, and life will be accepted on her View From Home blog. Their pay is calculated based on page views, and they prefer shorter material (600-800 words). For every 4,000 views, you may get up to $100.

6 – CEO Hangout

If you schedule it with the editor — send a proposal and agree on payment before writing the piece — CEO Hangout will pay $50. They publish articles on CEO lifestyles, business successes, interviews, and other topics of interest to CEOs.

7 – Copyhackers

For articles on writing, branding, running a company, and other topics, Copyhackers charges $325. Before pitching, read the submission guidelines carefully.

8 – DailyWorth

For articles on women and money, DailyWorth pays $150. I recently tweeted them asking how to submit a proposal, and they advised contacting the managing editor, Koa Beck. They have a blackhole editorial@ email address.

9 – Listverse

Listverse will pay you $100 for each piece if you like compiling lists! Try to develop new topics that aren’t already covered on their site. That is remarkable because they will respond and notify you even if your pitch is rejected.

10 – Healthy Living

Healthy Living, a popular magazine in the well-being sector, is published by Meredith. They get back to you quickly (6 days) and pay $150 for health and beauty pieces, so when it comes to submissions, they’re crazy fast.

11 – Vibrant Life

Physical well-being, mental clarity, and spiritual equilibrium are all topics covered in Vibrant Life. For pieces ranging from 450 to 1000 words, they will pay between $100 and $300.

12 – Better Humans

Self-improvement, philosophy, thought-pieces, and news are covered in Better Humans, a Medium publication. Make sure you check out their style guideline for formatting first before you start editing. Better Humans pay a flat fee of $500.

13 – Dame

According to reports, each essay costs $200. They charge varying rates for different items, including those that have been reported.

14 – Eureka Street

Analysis or commentary on politics, religion, popular culture, or current events in Australia and the world is available for $200 on Eureka Street. They also pay $50 for poetry (see our comprehensive guide to poetry jobs for other information), which is refreshing.

15 – Money Crashers

Investment, credit, debt, retirement planning, mortgages, and more are all covered on Money Crashers. They don’t disclose their pricing, but they’ll pay for guest articles.

16 – Eating Well

This national magazine covers the most recent healthy eating and green eating trends and nutrition and health studies. Their rate is up to $1 per word for articles between 150 and 400 words. They want you to contact them via email.

17 – Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed generates many articles to keep its audience interested and up-to-date, with an estimated 168 million unique visitors each month. Per word, it ranges from $.13 to $.27.

18 – The Bold Italic

If you’re a resident of San Francisco or have a relationship with the city, the Bold Italic might be a great fit. The gig economy, online dating, mental illness, and other topics have previously been discussed. Each essay costs $50.

19 – Babble

Note: Babble’s writer’s guidelines are no longer readily accessible. Posts on parenting, entertainment, pregnancy, beauty, style, food, and travel cost $100-$150. To discover contact information for an editor, you may need to do some detective work.)

20 – Doctor of Credit

Guest posts about financial problems, credit score information, bank/credit card sign-up bonuses, and free money opportunities are paid $50 each by the Doctor of Credit. They look for jobs that have a word count of 600 or more.

21 – Just Parents

Just Parents is a parenting and pregnancy website based in the United Kingdom. They charge $60 for each relay.

22 – The Dollar Stretcher

Only print material is paid for by the Dollar Stretcher, which searches for how-to articles and interviews up to 800 words.

23 – Money Pantry

Money Pantry will pay articles on saving and making money up to $150. If you’re a finance blogger looking to make money online, this is a fantastic way to get your name out there!

24 – Desert Times

Stories about the deserts of North America, as well as the people who live there, are paid between $50 and $100 by Desert Times. They want writers to include images as well.

25 – B Michelle Pippin

B Michelle Pippin assists women with tiny enterprises, particularly in generating income. They’ll pay $50-$150 per piece for career articles in various industries. Before you can query them, you must do so.

26 – Freelance Mom

Freelance Mom is a website for moms and dads interested in starting their businesses and freelancing. They appreciate tales about people as well as articles on software and processes. FYI – I’m not sure how often this website is updated.

Freelance Mom will offer up to $100 for a 900-1500 word post.

27 – Screen Education

Teachers and researchers may subscribe to Screen Education, a quarterly journal. They will pay $150-$300 per piece and accept contributions in curriculum domains that concentrate on screen literacy curriculum. By email, you may submit your proposal.

28 – ClearVoice

Bloggers may connect with brands in various niches via the ClearVoice platform, and posts commissioned for their own blogs are also available. The pay varies, but it appears to be $250-$400 (based on what we’ve seen). You define the prices you’re comfortable with when you apply; the platform then emails you when suitable offers arise.

29 – PTO Today

Parent-teacher group leaders interested in parental involvement, fundraising, and collaborating with the school staff may subscribe to PTO Today.

They pay between $125 to $500 for feature articles.

30 – Learning for Justice

Pre-K-12 teachers are the target audience for this online magazine, which seeks feature articles, tales, and teaching/education concerns. Short material (500-700 words) and lengthy material (800-1600 words) are accepted by Learning for Justice.

31 – Make a Living Writing

This blog pays $75 to $100 for guest posts, depending on the difficulty and research required. Read the guidelines thoroughly, particularly the list of topics we’re actively seeking for guest posts. It’s worth tossing one of them!

32 – Back to College

Back to College will search for themes such as career management and identifying the optimal program for older undergraduates to pay for essays. Original work costs $55+, while reprints with a 1000-1500 word count cost $27.50.

33 – Freelance Writers Den

This membership platform is much more than a job board for freelancers. You can access over 300 hours of “bootcamps” and hundreds of online groups where you may get any issue answered for only $40 per month.

34 – ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger job board includes part- and full-time, contract, and freelance writer positions in a range of industries and genres, created by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, an authority blog on blogging.

35 – Who Pays Writers?

Who pays authors? It’s a goldmine of a resource for freelance writers, and it’s crowdsourced. The list provides hundreds of options for reading; it not only informs you which journals are taking submissions, but it also informs you how much they pay per word.

36 – LinkedIn Jobs

Don’t leave your LinkedIn account (which you should have anyway to attract new customers) dormant. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to do some networking via shared connections, and it goes a long way in the freelance sector.

37 – SitePoint

Do you have any experience with computer programming? For articles on HTML, CSS, PHP, and other topics, SitePoint will pay between $100 and $150.

38 – WPHub

One of the most widely used website platforms is WordPress. WPHub will pay $100-$200 for articles about web design trends, programming, and other WordPress-related subjects if you know how to navigate WP.

39 – JournalismJobs.com

JournalismJobs.com provides full-time, freelance, and remote job possibilities if you are looking for writing, editing, reporting, or copy editor positions. You’ll never get bored with this website’s selections because jobs are available in various industries, including non-profit, technology, and TV.

40 – Great Escape

They are constantly recruiting travel bloggers to share their experiences since they have a website about how to earn money while travelling. For their website, they pay $50 to $75 per piece, and for interviews and personal tales, they pay $100 to $150!

41 – Serious Eats

Food-related pieces on cooking, food, and other eating topics are paid $100 for by Serious Eats, a Medium publication. This could be a fantastic paid guest-posting chance for you if you’re a food blogger or have a recipe category on your lifestyle blog!

42 – iWriter

Clients can tip you if you’ve done an excellent job, which is an extra feature. All types of writers may make some extra money with iWriter, whether new or experienced. All you have to do is produce something your clients appreciate and deliver on or before the agreed-upon date.

43 – Contena

Contena is a service that consolidates the most outstanding freelance writing jobs from all over the internet. If you don’t have much time to search for high-quality gigs and pitch them, this may save you a lot of time. Contena also offers an academy where you can learn how to get more writing clients, write better proposals, obtain more referrals, and manage your clients.

44 – Cooking Detective

Cooking Detective is a website that pays food and recipe bloggers to create content. You should check out if you’re a food or lifestyle blogger specializing in healthy living. Guides will cost $150 to $250, while articles will cost $50 to $75.

45 – Saveur

Presurfer publishes a pay scale of $150 per piece, and Food & Travel is looking for remarkable tales about cuisine and travel. Submissions may be sent to them via email.

46 – Horizon Guides

Horizon Guides shares “less ordinary” travel experiences as a contributor travel website. I know they pay up to $200 per contribution because they don’t publish how much they pay. To get started, join their contribution network!

47 – People Per Hour

Thousands of freelance gigs are available on People Per Hour, a micro gig economy platform. Since most businesses need to communicate their value to their audience, writing gigs are top-rated on People Per Hour.

48 – Craiglist

With over ten million users, Craigslist is one of the most popular userbases in the world. Even though Craigslist is used for scams and writing gems, it’s a valuable resource. Craigslist is a fantastic place to look for prospective customers if you reside in a big city. Be on the lookout for scams, don’t share personal data, and don’t click on links that appear out of nowhere.

49 – Digital Ocean

Cloud-related products are discussed on Digital Ocean, an online resource. They’re interested in technical writers who can produce how-to and guidebooks on DevOps and Cloud. For more complicated materials, they may pay up to $300 per piece and $400.

50 – RankPay

SEO content marketing and social media are two of the main focuses of RankPay. Guest posts on these subjects will cost $50. This is a fantastic way to earn money writing if you comprehend SEO principles and have a blog that attracts traffic.

51 – FlexJobs

Freelancers and part-time workers are among the kinds of people who use FlexJobs. FlexJobs offers over 60 categories and subcategories, ranging from content writing to editing to copywriting, among other things. Signing up takes only a few minutes.

52 – Peril

Peril is the publication for you if you want to make money writing poetry or art-related content. They publish an art and culture magazine that invites contributions from anyone. Poetry, visual arts, political pieces, and non-fiction books are all paid $200 on their writing for our page, with more extended essays up to 2,000 words costing $300.

53 – Freelance Writing

It has been around for over two decades and is known as one of the top freelance writing websites, owing to its simplicity of use. Registering as a freelance writer and hiring freelance writers are also possible on this website.

54 – Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is a website that offers freelance writing jobs. Blogs are simple to create, and they may earn you good money. Blogging is the primary source of income for me.

55 – Morning Coffee Newsletter

The Morning Coffee Newsletter is terrific since it offers free subscriptions, and daily writing jobs are delivered to your inbox.

56 – VQR

VQR is a literary publication that promotes excellent writing. Unpublished poetry, short fiction (up to 8000 words), and non-fiction (up to 9000 words) are all sought after. Poems pay $200 per piece, while prose pays $0.25 per word. Book reviews might cost you up to $500!

57 – The Barefoot Writer

You may make easy money online as a freelance writer by writing about freelance writing. Freelancers can benefit from the Barefoot Writer, a publication that guides starting and working from home. The pay level may vary from $100 to $300, depending on the material you supply.

58 – Writer Access

Another popular online writing service for businesspeople looking to hire writers is Write Access.

59 – Funds for Writers

Original pieces are paid $50, while reprints are paid $15. Funds for Writers prefer 500-600 words. Make sure you stick to the point since these are short submissions, as they look for no “fluff” style writing about earning a living as a writer.

60 – IWA

IWA is a wine-oriented company that specializes in storage solutions. Their earnings begin at $50 for each piece of writing. And if you’re a fan of wine, this may be the perfect way to earn some cash online!

61 – Online Writing Jobs

Freelance writing jobs for Americans are only available via PayPal at Online Writing Jobs, a content mill that exclusively pays weekly.

62 – Textbroker

One of the greatest freelance writing websites for beginners is Textbroker, which accepts writers from all over the globe.

63 – Tuts+

Tuts+ pays $100 and up for technology-focused tutorials, such as web design and Flash, and other subjects like photography and writing. If you enjoy writing guides and have a talent for technology, Tuts+ will pay you well.

64 – A List Apart

The website of A List Apart will cost $200 per piece and is designed solely for articles. This may be a fantastic chance to expand your brand and get paid to write if you have an extraordinary site that you developed yourself or a strong portfolio.

65 – The Change Agent

Adult learners and instructors who want to bring social change into their adult education agenda may participate in the Change Agent. The journal charges $50 for 200-1000 words, and subscriptions are available.

66 – Inc.

See if Inc. is hiring writers to write business articles! Between 800 and 1200 word articles focused on ideas and advice for startups, and small businesses will be paid for by this popular magazine, which has a large online audience. Their pay rate may range from $2 to $6 per word.

67 – Narratively

Look no further than Narratively’s tagline: “Human stories, boldly delivered,” to understand what sort of content the website produces. All sections are welcome to submissions.

68 – LiisBeth

Feminist entrepreneurs are the focus of this online magazine. Make sure you read and check out LiisBeth’s past articles, as they have some particularly stringent guidelines. The assignment determines the pay rate.

69 – CopyPress

CopyPress is a freelance content marketing agency that offers freelancers a proprietary content management tool through which they may connect with tasks from CopyPress clients.

70 – nDash

nDash grew out of a one-person business started in 2014 and now has a network of over 10,000 freelance writers that it links with its customers, several of whom are household brand names.

71 – Blue Mountain Arts

(Literary journals are typically snobbish about this form of writing.) Consider writing for greeting cards if you have a more lyrical, feel-good vibe in your poetry.

A biannual poetry competition is held by Blue Mountain Arts, a greeting card and gift firm. Online and postal submissions are accepted.

72 – Rattle

Rattle is a website and print publication that pays poets weekly to write. It publishes poetry exclusively.

73 – eCommerce Insiders

Writers with eCommerce experience may apply for paid blogging opportunities on eCommerce Insiders. Their topics include online shopping, and their submission requirements are pretty strict. For 400-600+ word pieces, they pay $75-$150.

74 – Freedom with Writing

Lists of paying publishers are offered for $50 or more through Freedom with Writing. There is also the option of purchasing longer-form content since they also pay for short ebooks.

75 – WordCandy

For ghostwritten essays on WordPress, WordCandy charges 6-10 cents per word (these will appear on some of the greatest WordPress websites, such as wpmudev).

Final Words

Whether you are a freelance writer or poet looking for an opportunity to make money from your writing, we have a list of the top 75 websites that pay well! Some of these websites offer high pay rates for quality writing, while others offer the opportunity to share your work with a large audience. The list is random, so feel free to check it out and see which sites might suit you!

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