Which is the Best AI Story Writer? [Top 3 AI Writers]

Last Updated on September 25, 2022 by Dr Sharon Baisil MD

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer science field and engineering that creates content with intelligent agents, which are systems that can act autonomously. A wide range of AI applications is available today. The most commonly used applications are search, dialogue, knowledge representation, machine learning, natural language processing, and semantic analysis. AI story writing is one such application that uses AI to write human-like stories. AI story writers use natural language processing algorithms to produce well-crafted stories that are believable and engaging.

In this post, we will discuss the top 3 AI story writers and what they do that makes them stand out from the rest.

Top 3 AI Story Writing Tools 2022

Most AI Story Generators use keywords and phrases provided by the user to produce stories. It can also generate stories based on an algorithm that has been taught thousands of different pieces of text from data sets.

As a result, will AI Story Generator take the place of creative writers? While AI can’t substitute creative writers, it may be used as a helper to enhance their ingenuity to come up with distinct tale ideas.

Thus, you can use AI story creator tools to write novels, eBooks, blogs, and more. Now, without further ado, let’s discuss our top 3 AI story writing tools available in 2022.

1 – Jasper AI – Our Recommended Tool

Pricing: Starter (begins with $29/mo); Boss Mode (starts with $59/mo)

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Jasper AI (previously Jarvis AI) is a storyteller and fictitious character creator powered by artificial intelligence. Those who are not particularly inventive or imaginative enough to generate their tales or want to have fun may utilize it.

Jasper can generate blog posts, email newsletters, news articles, marketing ad copy, and product descriptions. In addition to AI-generated stories, it can do all of the above.

Thus, Jarvis is the most advanced and finest mechanism to utilize if you’re trying for a sophisticated AI-based story-creating application for developing new tales and books.

Key Features of Jasper AI

  • Highest quality output out of all other AI tools
  • Creative story templates to write engaging stories instantly.
  • Simplistic and beginner-friendly user interface.
  • 50+ templates to work 5X faster and improve your copies.
  • Content Improver to rewrite the story and make it more creative, interactive, and engaging.
  • Ability to add commands that can drive the AI in any direction, based on our creativity
  • Inbuilt plagiarism to check for duplicate content.
  • Inbuilt Grammarly integration to check for grammatical issues.
  • Supports up to 24 different languages.

2 – Rytr

Pricing: Free; Saver ($9/mo); Unlimited ($29/mo)

Rytr can write stories and blog entries in popular tones and languages in a few seconds using AI-powered content-writing assistance. It produces publishings that are more interesting than human-written publications via machine learning.

You only need to pick your language, tone, use case as Story Plot, and add some keywords, phrases, or titles as input after you create an account at Rytr.

Rytr creates story ideas and plot outlines. Rytr has another excellent feature: you may click on the Ryte more button to generate more material if you’re dissatisfied with the result.

Rytr is another best AI story generator in terms of both price and features. It also contains a free version to try its features free before you decide to upgrade to any of its paid plans. However, this free version isn’t worth and productive enough to try!

Key Features of Rytr

  • 30+ templates and use cases to include story plots in the stories.
  • Supports up to 30+ different languages.
  • Industry-grade copywriting formula with AIDA, FAB, PAS, and more.
  • Simple to use rich-text editor.

3 – DeepStory.ai

Pricing: Free (only for personal use)

DeepStory makes it simple to generate, save, share, and download any AI-written script because it is the simplest to approach and a still-developing beta version of the AI script generator. When sketching out a story, you may use a variety of existing films as inspiration for the plot, setting, and characters.

You can set the time limit and genre of the scenes to modify the story scenes offered earlier and develop a new creative script. Once done, you can tap the start button, and the AI story generator is set up to write content for you automatically.

Key Features of DeepStory.ai

  • Creates AI text adventures and exciting stories based on the mixture between artificial intelligence and human creativity.
  • Generates AI-based content in different paragraphs.
  • 7+ sample scene templates are available to write engaging scripts instantly.
  • Offers unlimited content generations for registered account users; however, that’s only for personal use.

FAQs about AI story Writers

Which is the best AI story writing tool?

Answer: We found Jasper AI the perfect among the top three AI content generation platforms mentioned above. It provides 10000 Free Words Credits to try it out, and you can upgrade the plan to enjoy its advanced features such as the Boss Mode.
Jasper is best because it has an interactive yet user-friendly interface and unlimited access to unlimited projects and user logins, which is within the Starter pack only!

Can AI be used to write stories?

Answer: Yes, AI can be used to write stories. GPT 3 can write stories quite well. Jasper is the best tool for this purpose.
Jasper is a powerful AI tool that can generate story plots, characters, and dialogue. It can even create entire stories on its own.
So far, Jasper has written several stories published on major online platforms. Jasper has a lot of potential as a storyteller.
There are many benefits to using AI to write stories. First of all, it can save a lot of time. Writing a story from scratch can take days or even weeks. With Jasper, you can generate a story in minutes.
Secondly, AI can help you create more original and creative stories. Finally, AI tools can effectively beat writer’s block. AI can also offer suggestions on how to improve the story.

What is GPT-3 being used for?

Answer: GPT-3 is used for various tasks, ranging from natural language processing to computer vision. Regarding natural language processing, GPT-3 is used to develop better machine translation systems, improve question answering systems, and create chatbots. In terms of computer vision, GPT-3 is used to develop better object recognition systems and create 3D models from images.
GPT-3 is used in natural language processing to develop better machine translation systems. One example is Google Translate, which recently added support for more languages thanks to GPT-3. In addition, GPT-3 is also being used to improve question-answering systems. For example, IBM Watson uses GPT-3 to understand questions better and provide more accurate answers. Finally, GPT-3 is also being used to create chatbots. For example, Facebook Messenger recently added support for chatbots that use GPT-3 to understand and respond to user queries.
In terms of computer vision, GPT-3 is being used to develop better object recognition systems. For example, Google’s recently released Cloud Vision API uses GPT-3 to improve object recognition. In addition, GPT-3 is also being used to create 3D models from images. For example, the company 3D4Makers is using GPT-3 to turn 2D photos into 3D models that can be printed on 3D printers.

Can Jasper write a book?

Answer: Yes, Jasper AI is capable of writing a book. The artificial intelligence technology that powers Jasper can produce high-quality, original content at lightning-fast speeds. Whether you need a short story, a novel, a blog post, or even an entire Book, Jasper AI can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Final Words

AI story writing is an emerging trend making waves in the content industry. With the help of AI, businesses can produce engaging and informative content that their target audience will love. However, choosing the best AI story writer for your business is not easy. We’ve outlined the features and brief introductions of three of the best AI story writers; based on that; Jasper AI is the best option! It has interactive features make it easy to create engaging stories, while its human editors will help you polish them up to perfection. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable AI story writer to help you produce high-quality content, Jasper AI is your best bet!

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