How to Write Steampunk Fiction (The Ultimate Guide in 10 Steps)

Steampunk Fiction Characters

Have you ever felt the thrill of watching a steam-powered airship soar across a sky dotted with floating cities? Or the allure of Victorian attire mingling with futuristic gadgets? Welcome to the whimsical world of Steampunk—a genre that’s a love letter to innovation and a testament to the boundless realms of imagination. Are you ready … Read more

Can Editpad Beat Quillbot as a Creative Summary Generator

Editpad and Quillbot are both well-known toolkits, that offer multiple tools for writers. One of their most prominent tools is a summary generator. Summary generators of both tools are efficient in contracting or concising “Long-form content” pieces into short forms. During this process, they maintain the actual meaning of the content. But the question that … Read more

Story Generator: A Simple and Effective Way to Write Your Story

Writing a story, whether a thrilling sci-fi saga or a heartfelt memoir, can often be a daunting task. Many aspiring writers grapple with common hurdles such as writer’s block. As a result, they struggle to maintain coherence and craft engaging characters.  As a writer, you might have wished for a tool to alleviate these burdens. … Read more