7 Productivity Hacks for Writers with ADHD

Serene home office for ADHD writers with open laptop and timer app, organized writing tools, and colorful sticky note mind map

Writers with ADHD often face productivity challenges thanks to symptoms like mind-wandering, impulsivity, and hyperfocus. Their brains seem to have minds of their own. While their thoughts race with creative ideas and insights, organizing these sparks into coherent written work can feel overwhelming. Though ADHD presents real struggles, the right tools and techniques can help harness that energy into writing success. This article covers seven researched … Read more

How to Write Steampunk Fiction (The Ultimate Guide in 10 Steps)

Steampunk Fiction Characters

Have you ever felt the thrill of watching a steam-powered airship soar across a sky dotted with floating cities? Or the allure of Victorian attire mingling with futuristic gadgets? Welcome to the whimsical world of Steampunk—a genre that’s a love letter to innovation and a testament to the boundless realms of imagination. Are you ready … Read more

Why You Should Collaborate With a Freelance Horror Illustrator for Your Book?

In a world where readers crave captivating narratives and unique visual experiences, collaborating with a freelance horror illustrator for your book is an innovative choice that sets your work apart. These talented artists bring a dark, atmospheric, and vivid style to their illustrations, enhancing the haunting essence of your story. By harnessing the power of … Read more

Can Editpad Beat Quillbot as a Creative Summary Generator

Editpad and Quillbot are both well-known toolkits, that offer multiple tools for writers. One of their most prominent tools is a summary generator. Summary generators of both tools are efficient in contracting or concising “Long-form content” pieces into short forms. During this process, they maintain the actual meaning of the content. But the question that … Read more

Story Generator: A Simple and Effective Way to Write Your Story

Writing a story, whether a thrilling sci-fi saga or a heartfelt memoir, can often be a daunting task. Many aspiring writers grapple with common hurdles such as writer’s block. As a result, they struggle to maintain coherence and craft engaging characters.  As a writer, you might have wished for a tool to alleviate these burdens. … Read more