Top 9 Writing Ideas: Subjects to Spark Your Creativity

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Sometimes writers can have so many ideas, they can barely type fast enough. Sometimes we might only have one good one to work with, but we make it work. And sometimes we have no ideas and are left just staring at the computer screen.

If you need help with writing ideas, or if you just want some ideas for future reference, this lens is here to help. This is a helpful Top Nine list of the most popular topics to write about for academic papers, magazines, newspapers, or books created by essay writers from From fitness to mental health, you will be able to find at least one topic that you can write about and get ideas from.

Physical Fitness

We want to know how to live longer, healthier lives. We want to know how to lose weight and keep it off. We all want to be healthy, so that is why Physical Fitness is such a great topic to write about.

You can write about new, fun, and easy ways to exercise. You can write about new diets. You can write about how to look better, younger, and healthier. You can write about almost anything that has to do with people’s bodies.

Take for instance exercise. People are always complaining about how they can’t go to the gym, about how boring exercising is anyways, and about how they want to lose weight by exercising for only ten minutes a day. If you have any ideas about how to make exercising more entertaining, take less time, and easier to do, then you can send them to a fitness or diet magazine, write more on it and make a book, or even think of more ideas and make a blog.


People love how-to articles. Everyone wants to learn something new! So, if you can write a how-to and get it in a magazine, or write enough to make a book, you can make money at it!

A how-to article can be about anything from as simple as how to make tomato soup to something as complicated as trading on the stock market. If you know something unusual, that people might like to learn, or even just a twist on something old, you can do a how-to article.

And the great thing about how-to features is that you can compile enough together, write more information, and make it a book! Or you can just send a simple article to a magazine, which is also great.

The two major how-to features fit into two categories: how to plan something and how to fix something. Now, you may know how to plan a kid’s birthday party with the theme of color. That could be cool, so you can write a how-to on that. Or you may know how to get that weird buzzing from your radio to stop, write a how-to on that. See, there are so many possibilities when it comes to how-to features that you could go crazy with them.

Mental Health

People have to deal with all sorts of mental health troubles: stress, burnout, personal acceptance, and depression. But if you can offer advice on how to deal with these sorts of issues, then you have just found a great market for writing.

If you look through a regular magazine aimed at help for living, then you can probably find at least one article on how to deal with stress, burnout, and self-esteem. This is something that almost everyone deals with, so if you can write about it, you can find someone to read it.

If you know an exercise that can help reduce stress, write about it. If you know how a tea recipe can boost energy without crashing, write about it. If you have an encouraging story that can help anyone feel more accepted and have higher self-esteem, write about it. See, you can find SOMETHING to write about that can fit in this category.


People live all sorts of different lifestyles. You may live in a hip loft in New York and have ten cats. You may live in an R.V. all year long and have a mini garden in your closet. Or maybe you just always make your food from scratch every day. Me, I live in the middle of the mountains, enjoy reading all day long, have a blog, and am switching to organic foods. Everyone is different, even if you do not think that your life is.

If you know someone who works as the maid to Angelina Jolie, write it. If you know someone who owns and lives in a restaurant, write it. Even if it is something that had been done, people love to read about it. Also, consider your own life. You may live in the middle of the mountains away from civilization and have to be self-sufficient, you may travel around Africa as a missionary. Of course, it does not have to be anything as big as that. Look at your life. Do you grow and kill your food? Maybe you built your dream home on your home with only your two kids and spouse to help. Just think about your life and the lives of other people you know. They may be your ticket to a major article.


People love reading about famous and unusual people. We love to read the heart-wrenching story of a girl who survived child abuse, we love reading about a World War II veteran who helps out his community in many ways, and we love reading about movie stars’ lives before the lights of Hollywood. It is just something in us that makes us curious about other people. Maybe that is why reality t.v. is everywhere.

You may know someone who works for or grew up with a famous musician, movie star, or politician. Write about it. You may know someone famous personally. Write it. Even if famous people are not on your list of contacts, consider a local hero or someone who did something special.

Just write what you know (or who you know) and send it off to the appropriate magazine (politicians go to political/current events magazines, women go to women’s magazines, movie stars can go to men/women’s magazines, and movie star magazines.). And of course, if you get enough information about someone, including their past, you can make a book about them. If they are still alive and you know them I bet they would love that.


People love to do things. Whether it be individual, family, or group activities, we love to do them. Articles about easy crafts for kids, games for dinner parties, and fun family-made board games are hits in magazines.

If you know how to make cookies that can use the whole family, and be done in under 30 minutes, write it. If you know a way to help a newlywed couple get to know each other(and have fun), write it. If you even just know a cool quiz on if you are what kind of apple you are, write it. Then send your articles to a magazine that pertains to your activity or write enough of them a make a book (Do you know how many craft books are out there? And how bestselling they are?). The possibilities are endless when it comes to activities.


People are always looking for articles on how to do things better, do good things, and how to learning new things altogether. Self-help has hit the market running. People spend hundreds on books, magazines and publish at least one article on self-help an issue. It is a hot topic, and thus you need to grab this market.

If you know how to make a person feel better about their image, how to dress appropriately, how to change their negative outlook on life to a positive one, and of course how to write better and get more inspiration, WRITE IT. If you know how to help someone with their life and how they do things, you CAN find a market or magazine that will take it. Publish in articles, or even in a whole book. The market is hot and making money.


People love to be amused. We love to know about cool places to go, things to do, and people to go watch either in the theater or on the big screen. We want to know what music is good and which sticks, which books are great for curling up with and which are just a bore, which movies are great to spend your money on, and which are just a waste of time.

Amusement is a market that any writer can write about. If you look through the bookshelves, you will find guides on what to do in places, which movies are good, and which music rocks. Magazines always write about them and even books are dedicated to them.

If you know of some great places in common vacation spots that are a little out of the way, write it. If you know which movies, music and books rock, write it. If you know of someplace in your hometown that is cool, write it. Amusement and entertainment is the market that writers can write about in almost every area. Just write what you know and where you know, and publish it in a magazine or even in a small guidebook.


People are really into education. Whether it be the public school type of education, college education, or learning through life instead of textbooks, people read things about education. Parents, students, teachers, seminar teachers, everyone has some input on education that they want to read about or write about.

Education can be regular public school articles for parents(How to help your kids get A’s), students(Homework Help 101), and teachers(How to make students love history).

It could be articles on alternative education methods for parents (Why homeschooling is easy as 1+2), students(Unschool you?), and even people who work in areas that assist these methods(What is this unschooling revolution?).

College is another area to write about for parents(How to send your kid to college for less than you think), students(How to work your way to that English degree), and professors(How to engage your students in Rhetoric). That is where writing about apprenticeships, mentorships, traveling, starting a business, volunteering, online degrees, community college, trade schools, and so many other options may be the next most read articles around.

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