How to publish a book without money? (7 Free Options)

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It may be costly and time-consuming to prepare a book for publishing. That’s why it’s critical to review all of your alternatives before picking one. This article will outline seven free methods for publishing a book without any financial investment. Whether you’re looking to self-publish or work with a traditional publisher, we’ve got you covered!

7 free options to publish a book without money

Traditional publishing has seen a slew of new competitors in the current Internet environment, drastically altering the publishing process. Several would-be writers may now ask if they may publish a book without spending money instead of fighting for the limited number of standard publishing contracts.

For any new author looking for a way to publish a book without funds, the pleasure is that the Internet has made many current publishing technologies and services accessible. Several of them are free, with revenue from future sales being shared.

For many decades, the only option for a writer to go from unpublished author to published author was to follow a lengthy process of sending their work to numerous agents and publishers, hoping to be discovered among the sea of would-be.

This has altered dramatically due to the Internet’s emergence, which has made it possible for a wide variety of services. Now, look at some of the most popular and convenient options.

1 – Smashwords

Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of independent ebooks. Smashwords also has a free-to-publish author commission model. Smashwords has an online bookstore with over 100,000 titles and is nowhere near as big as Amazon.

2 – Kindle Direct Publishing’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the most common and successful method for accessible publishing. Amazon began producing its range called Kindle a number of years ago, as eBooks and portable electronic gadgets grew in popularity.

Amazon introduced the Kindle Unlimited service, which enables readers to get a lot of ebooks for a monthly fee, as well as the KDP service, as a companion to these hardware devices. As a result, it’s simple for writers to publish their works and satisfy Amazon’s customers with a wide selection of ebooks.

If you already have your book written and edited with your layout and cover ready, you might have it uploaded, published, and accessible on Amazon in only a few days.

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3 – The author’s website

There are other options if you want your book to be available to the public and aren’t concerned about making money off it. You may publish a book and make it accessible for free using both platforms mentioned above. These choices are often presented as free to persuade readers to pay for further novels.

4 – Library release

Suppose you believe that making your book available to libraries via platforms like Overdrive for readers to borrow from is a wise move for your book. In that case, Smashwords has access to various library systems. Many writers are ecstatic, and Smashwords makes it simple, even though some authors doubt being accessible on the library system is a bonus.

Both services have their advantages and disadvantages. However, they are both free and easy to use. Begin by visiting the sites and reading through the FAQ section to get a handle on the most frequent queries you might have about becoming published and, more particularly, how revenue sharing works and getting paid.

5 – Use a blogging platform

Plenty of blogging platforms provide terrific tools to build attractive-looking easy-to-use sites quickly, and many of them will let you set up one for free. Even if you want to distribute your books for free right now, you may use this to collect contact information for visitors so that they may be notified of future editions.

6 – Make your own site

You may also establish your author’s website. The great thing about this is that you can publish your book as a PDF to your visitors if all you want is for them to download it. You might also make novelettes and short tales available because you have complete control of your website.

7 – Apple Books

Apple Books is an excellent choice for self-publishing ebooks. Apple Books is the default ebook reading app on all Apple devices if you want your book to be read by as many people as possible. Apple Books, like KDP, has a 70% royalty rate.

It’s essential to understand a few things when publishing with Apple Books: first, your work must be properly formatted to be approved. The great news is that Apple has a thorough guide on formatting your book correctly. Second, before it is published, your book must go through a review process. Make sure you allow enough time for this step, as it can take days to weeks.

You can also publish your ebook as a separate book or as part of an iBooks package (together with print and audiobooks), which Apple Books offers several different ways to do. You can also choose whether your book will be sold or rented out.

Final Words

In the end, to make your dream of writing a book come true, you may be required to take risks and try some of these options. It may not work out for you if you do not have enough money or time to complete it. In that case, why not consider one of the 7 free options we discussed above?

The good thing about them is that they allow you to write without spending a penny! Just go on and try one of them today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a publisher, how much does it cost to publish a book?

Answer: If you self-publish your book, it will likely cost you between $2,000 and $10,000 to complete the process. This includes the costs of editing and formatting your book, cover design and creation (if applicable), ISBNs or barcodes, copyright registration fees, and more.
It is important to remember that this price range is just an estimate; pricing can vary depending on the size of your manuscript and other factors like location/formatting requirements. So be sure to consult a professional publisher if you are not confident in completing the entire publishing process yourself.

Is traditional publishing a risky option for publishing your book?

Answer: While there are many risks associated with traditional publishing, such as pay-to-play relationships and low royalties, it’s also a very competitive industry. So if you have an innovative idea that you believe has the potential to be successful, then going through the process of traditional publishing may be a good decision.
Traditional publishers will take your book manuscript and work with agents to find appropriate outlets for publication. They will also provide editing services and marketing support throughout the entire process. Sometimes, they might manage all rights or co-publish your book with another publisher.

How do you publish an ebook and make it accessible to download?

Answer: It’s a great way to increase the ebook’s exposure and sales by making it available for download. By creating an easy-to-use online form, you can submit your book proposal directly to eBooks Island, one of the largest eBook distribution platforms in the world. This platform will then analyze your book proposal and decide whether or not it is suitable for distribution on its site. If accepted, they will create a downloadable edition of your book that is ready for purchase by consumers around the world.
Once your ebook has been uploaded onto eBooks Island, all you need to do is promote it! You can use various marketing techniques like social media campaigns, blog posts, video tutorials, and more to get people interested in downloading it. Make sure to include clear information about where readers can find additional bonuses or discounts for purchasing your ebook. Once you have built enough interest in your content, selling copies should be relatively easy!

Can I get a publisher to help me with my book, or will that be too expensive?

Answer: While getting a publisher to help you with your book can be expensive, it is not impossible. Many online resources will connect you with publishers who want to publish your book. Additionally, there are also self-publishing services available that offer higher levels of customization and control over the publishing process.
Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want to be a passive or aggressive author. Passive authors rely on outside forces (a publisher)to get their work out into the world while proactively engaging in all aspects of the writing and publishing process. Whichever route you choose, ensure a good idea of what is required before beginning any writing journey, so that project planning and execution go smoothly from start to finish!

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