How to Publish a Coloring Book on Amazon? [7 Simple Steps]

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If you’re a creative person who loves to color, you’ll want to check out coloring books on Amazon. These books are full of intricate illustrations that are perfect for coloring in. You can find coloring books for all ages and all levels of experience, so there’s sure to be one ideal for you. Plus, because coloring books are digital, you can share them with your friends and family without worrying about damage. Check out these simple steps if you’re ready to get creative and publish your coloring book.

Publishing a color book for kids

For youngsters, coloring is a favorite pastime. Self-publishing your children’s coloring book is a brilliant way to cultivate an enthusiasm for art. To get you started, here are a few suggestions:

· Create designs that play off a theme by picking one and then developing it.

· Make sure your photos aren’t too crowded so that you don’t annoy a younger audience.

· To help educate young readers, add text beneath the pictures.

Publishing a color book for adults

Here are some guidelines for your assistance if you’re looking to publish a coloring book for adults:

· A few design themes for adult coloring books are patterns, intricate designs, garden settings, species, fantasy, and sci-fi.

· Make your designs tough enough to be challenging but not too tough. They should be intellectually stimulating yet comfortable.

· Adults may choose from a variety of coloring book sizes. There are tiny, pocket-sized publications (highly transportable) and bigger dimensions (suitable for displaying completed coloring pages in a frame) in addition to your most typical measurements (8.5″ x 11″).

7 Simple Steps on How to Publish a Coloring Book on Amazon

There are self-publishing services that can help you publish your first book. You don’t need any particular qualification to do so. All that is required is patience, commitment, and hard work. 

Step 1: Choose a print-on-demand service on Amazon 

You’re signing up for a print-on-demand service when you self-publish a coloring book on Amazon. As a result, Amazon produces and ships every coloring book your customer buys.

Step 2: Design illustrations

When self-publishing a coloring book on Amazon, you’ll need pictures first. Of course, we recommend doing this yourself if you’re an artist or just like sketching. That is because finding a pattern of individuals downloading royalty-free coloring sheets and putting them together into a coloring book to make a fast dollar is easy to find on Amazon if you search for coloring books.

Designing your graphics takes the most effort, and it’s a certainty. You’ll need to develop a theme for your self-published coloring book. This is relevant since your customers will only be frustrated if they receive a text with arbitrary graphics.

Naturally, you’ll need to create individual pieces of paper for each of your designs. Then, you’ll have to think about how you will convert your designs into a digital format once they’re all done. And there are two methods of doing so as follows:

Step 3: Translate your illustrations to a digital format

Raw method:

Most individuals want to scan their pictures into their computers after drawing them. This is great, but you should smooth over your pencil lines as much as possible with a thick black marker.

Getting your designs onto your computer is probably the easiest way. They should be big enough to avoid resizing them later since you drew them on A4 paper. The major disadvantage of this method is that you will not get the clean, professional-looking lines that you would if you digitized your designs. They might seem pixelated when printed.

Clean method:

This technique is referred to as the ‘smooth approach’ since it allows you to create highly smooth lines, similar to those seen in professional coloring books. If you have a half-decent tablet, it’s essentially free. You don’t need a stylus or drawing pad. On your PC/laptop, you’ll need to download the free apps Sketchbook Pro and Inkscape. Then, use this software to translate your illustrations. Take help from YouTube tutorials!

Step 4: Design a book cover wrap

To design your book cover wrap, you’ll need and a KDP book template. It’s when the fun starts with planning your KDP book cover wrap. When creating a Kindle book, you must concentrate on the front cover. However, when self-publishing a coloring book on Amazon using KDP, you must focus on the front, back cover, and spine.

This is why we refer to it as a “wrap,” because you’ll be designing the front, back, and spine all at once. Thankfully, Amazon makes it simple for you, and it’s a free procedure if you don’t outsource it to anybody.

You need to decide on the size of your coloring book before you start anything. The 8.5×11 inch volumes are perfect for us because they look good and display my designs correctly. Then, you need to download the template from

After that, you’ll need to specify your page count and choose your trim size. Since Amazon will base your spine size on your page count, this is crucial. You’ll also need at least 80 pages if you have 40 designs. Every page with a design requires a blank page underneath it.

After downloading your cover design, you’ll need to ‘unzip’ the folder and get a PDF and PNG copy. The PNG cover template will be our primary focus when we design our project. Canva is a site that you may now check out.

You won’t need to download as you do with Inkscape because it is an online image editing program. Instead, you have to create a free account, ready to go.

Taking the following step is now critical. Selecting ‘Custom size’ from the ‘Create new design’ menu will suffice. After that, you must enter the template’s inch dimensions. Since we’re making a wrap, you must consider the margins and the front and back next to each other, so this isn’t as simple as just adding 8.5 + 11 (like you would with a Kindle cover). Next, you’ll need to input the height and width of your design to match your template.

To find out the width and height of your canvas, you’ll need to check your measurements against the template you downloaded from Amazon.

If you’re looking for ideas, visit The great thing about Canva is that you don’t need to be a master at design to create something stunning. Delete the template after you’re satisfied with your cover wrap, and save it as a PDF. When uploading your cover wrap and inside pages, Amazon only accepts PDF files.

Step 5: Create the interior pages

Canva is a good option for creating the inside pages since it’s simple to use, and you’ll quickly get used to it like a pro if you spend some time playing around with it. You’ll be able to start laying out your pages on a new custom-size canvas by entering the page dimension of 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height for this example. You may add a border to your blank canvas once you have one.

As PDF files, download your cover wrap and the contents of your book. Once you’re happy with your cover and inside pages, you may log into your KDP account. Starting to enter the information for your new book is as simple as clicking on the ‘Paperback’ button. As seen on the page, this is towards the top.

Step 6: Fill in the product page details.

After that, you’ll log all of your new book’s information. It’s worth spending some time here to ensure that your book looks how you want it on Amazon. Where you should input the title and, if you wish to, the subtitle of your self-published coloring book is on the first page, which is your Paperback Details. After that, you may input the author’s and any contributors’ information.

You can include your product description, which is worth doing carefully. You want to describe what the customer will get in their book in great detail. For example, when you self-publish a coloring book on Amazon KDP, you must enter seven keywords that relate to your book and pick two categories for it to be listed.

Step 7: Fill in the paperback content details.

The Paperback Content section on the second page needs to be completed. You may submit your PDF manuscript and book cover wrap here. Paperback Rights & Pricing is the third and last page, where you can input the price you want to sell your book. After you’re satisfied with the margin, you’ll earn in each area, hit publish!

It will take around three days for the Amazon team to review your coloring book after you have self-published it on Amazon. After that, if there are any issues, you’ll get a warning; if everything is OK, you’ll get a congratulatory message.

Final Words

In this blog, we have provided you with all the information you need to launch your coloring book on Amazon successfully. Remember that starting is always the most challenging part, so don’t be afraid to try before committing! There is no end to where it may take you when it becomes a hit.

With new innovative ideas pouring in daily, your creativity will go wild and bring in thousands of loyal customers who keep buying from your books. This will lead to an abundance of income and turn into one remarkable career for an artist like yourself! Happy creating!


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