How To Create Freelance Writing Samples (15 Tips & Examples)

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Many people who want to become freelance writers start by writing articles for free. However, to be successful as a freelance writer, you need to create compelling and well-written samples that will show prospective clients what your writing style is like. In this article, we will provide you with 15 tips and examples to help you create professional writing samples that will impress your clients. By following these tips, you’ll be well to becoming a successful freelance writer!

What is a Freelance Writing Sample?

You will submit a writing sample when applying for work that demands a great deal of writing or communication abilities. Applicants discuss why they deserve the position in a cover letter included with their application, and candidates display their abilities in a writing sample.

Depending on the job you want, you’ll need to create various writing samples. You’ll have to produce sample essays to become a freelance writer. Think of a trial run as a writing sample. Hiring managers will use your writing sample to judge your writing skill and determine if you have the chops.

Consider a trial run when you’re thinking about a writing sample. Hiring managers will use your writing sample to assess your ability and decide if you have the qualities. Generally, a potential employer will go through certain points to get you noticed, among other applications.

You should note these points carefully as they are:

  • Paying attention to details
  • Your writing tone and style
  • Your subject matter
  • Your grasp of best writing practices
  • Your role abilities or what you can do best

How to Craft Compelling Freelance Writing Samples? [Included 15 Tips]

Follow these freelance sample writing guidelines to learn what it takes to make a livelihood as a self-employed writer:

1 – Pitch Own Stories

Chances are, you’ve got a slew of your own notions floating around in your skull as a writer. Come up with relevant story ideas and pitch them to newspapers or journals you want to write for.

2 – Pitch Every Day

Doesn’t mean jobs will find you just because you joined freelance writing. Everyone is on board because the internet offers many opportunities to make money, and your presence is unknown to everyone. As a result, you must push hard.

3 – Get Testimonials

Don’t be afraid to request testimony from your clients after completing the task. People will buy your services based on testimonials if they have faith in you and trust in your testimony.

4 – Networking

Contacting other freelance writers is one of the greatest things you may do. Social media, such as Facebook Groups and visiting their website, may help you locate additional freelance writers, and you may help other freelance writers establish relationships and support each other.

5 – Start Blogging

Think about becoming a blogger on the subject if you have a passion for something, like cooking, parenting, or skiing. Blogging is a creative way to develop your writing abilities, craft your writing style, and become a better writer.

6 – Understand Your Target Clients

Who the intended audience for most job advertisements is stated. You must first understand your target audience to produce beneficial material for them.

7 – Check Your Writing Style & Format

Job ads often use certain keywords to describe their writing style and tone. As you create your sample, use a list of words that define their writing manner (typically no more than 2-5) as a guideline.

8 – Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming aims to create as many ideas as feasible. Forget about the quality of your ideas for now and empty your brain on the page.

9 – Learn SEO Skills

Companies are increasingly dependent on materials that will persuade consumers to choose them. Content marketing writers will have to be SEO experts and how to boost their website’s ranking in search results.

10 – Read & Learn Every Day

You aren’t improving your skills if you aren’t reading. Reading will expose you to new themes and fads you didn’t realize existed.

11 – Guest Posting

The email template below is a sample email that you can send to any blog owner who might be interested in writing guest posts by freelance writers. The email should state your name and contact details, as well as an outline of the kind of content that you have written for different sites online.

12 – Create Niche Samples

Writing samples is a great way to get your freelance writing career. You can create niche samples or non-niche samples and write any content with these sample works. But remember that you need to do it from an expert point of view which will help you showcase your expertise in writing without sounding like an advertisement for yourself.

13 – Invest in Writing Portfolio

The writing portfolio is a set of samples that reflect your writing skills, with specific ‘angles’ or genres. It helps potential clients gauge whether you have the ability and credentials to tackle their project.

14 – Share Your Published Samples

That’s how to write publishing samples to start your own freelance writing business. A good publishing sample will help you build authority and credibility about the work that you do until then, creating valuable content for other people.

15 – Get Some Freelancing Gigs

Get started because gig writing is a terrific way to earn cash and build your portfolio. Gig Writing allows you to create your gigs on topics that interest you while also showing prospective clients what type of writer they’re hiring.

Best Examples of Freelance Writer Samples in 2022

Example 1: Expert sources seal the deal

The article: America’s Obsession With Social Media Is Undermining The Democratic Process by Lisa Rabasca Roepe appears on Quartz.

Why the pitch worked

When her prospective editor had concerns, Rabasca Roepe was ready with additional information. She prepared a response “full of facts and figures, demonstrating my expertise on the subject” after being asked how she would demonstrate that voters were self-selecting their news.

Example 2: Adaptability and a new angle

The article: A Wine Drinker’s Guide to Climate Change Winners and Losers by Jamie Cattanach appears on Vinepair

Why the pitch worked

Cattanach sets the stage for a piece with broad appeal, even for a niche publication, without getting too jotted down in the concepts of science or her possible sources.

Example 3: Personal essay personality

The article: I Work in PR But I Hate Statement Necklaces by Lauren Sieben, appearing on Racked

Why the pitch worked

Rather than attempting to squeeze her whole jewelry collection into her essay, Sieben concentrates on how one sort of jewelry has influenced her personal style.

She confessed in The Write Life that her ideas might be too wordy at times, but the finished piece clearly delivers what she intended — something editors constantly appreciate.

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Final Words

Writing freelance is an excellent way to make some extra money, but it can be tough to know where to start. By following our tips, you’ll be well on your way to writing compelling freelance writing samples that will make your clients want to work with you! We’ve included three best examples of pitches that you can use as a starting point. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your own winning freelance writing samples today!

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