50 Best Topics to Write an eBook in 2023

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Dr Sharon Baisil MD

You’re in the right place if you want to create an ebook to help your business grow. We’ve compiled the 50 best topics to help you achieve that goal in this list. From tips on marketing your eBook to strategies for growing your audience, you’ll find everything you need to get started. So what are you waiting for? Get started and see how eBook writing can help your business grow!

List of Best 50 Topics to Write an eBook About in 2023

To get started, we’d like to state that nothing is bigger than your niche. However, you need to be practical and check which topics will best generate profitability. Make sure you always go behind clever eBook ideas.

At this point, it’s crucial to avoid making the most common blunder: ensuring you don’t write an eBook on a subject with no actual, proven market demand. So, let’s talk about the list of 50 trending eBook ideas you can write about in 2023!

1 – Looking after pets or similar area

We believe only a handful of people don’t like keeping pets. Else, everyone is just fond of them! You can start by writing about pet lovers about grooming, healthcare, clothing, hunting training, adoption, houses, etc.

2 – Health and fitness

The niche of health and fitness is something that never goes out of trend. This arena is loaded with topics like diet planning, expert nutrition advice, adopting certain lifestyles like vegan, non-vegan, etc., and the list goes on.

3 – Sustainability

Sustainability is the need of the demand. The early you step into the field, the more you gain traction! Some relevant topics you can discuss regarding sustainability are water conservation, building sustainable properties, sustainable farming, pollution prevention, etc.

4 – ‘How to guides

This is the most basic kind of eBook. The book instructs you how to become or accomplish something you already know. You can educate your customers on how to engage and sell with the model if you have a product- or service-based business and you’re already running it on good terms.

5 – ‘The Ultimate’ guides

Some of the best examples in this category are ‘The Ultimate Blogging Guide for Beginners,’ ‘The Ultimate Parenting Kit for Parents, and more.

6 – Write around the ketogenic diet

Right now, the ketogenic diet is all the rage. They’re dying to understand more about life. Remember that this is a diet, and the public will flock to the next diet that comes along because it is a diet. Most of the blogs are enriched with information on this diet for your reference.

7 – Natural remedies

Level up your writing with topics centered on natural remedies like informing people about essential oils, gardening, self-healing or self-help methods, allergy relief, smart gardening, and more.

8 – Write about blogs or blog posts

Nowadays, you can step into writing about earning online or guiding people on how to start blogging, how to scale it, and more. It’s one of the lucrative niches to step into in the early stages.

9 – A guide on Amazon business or Amazon FBA business

Getting people to know about starting with Amazon FBA business is also a thing of current. You can brainstorm many topics within this niche, such as how to create an eBook compatible with Amazon, how to sell with Amazon KDP, and the list goes on.

10 – Aquarium guides

Fish, snakes, and other reptiles Another popular eBook topic is fitness. The people must explain why their fish are dying, and their lizard isn’t moving. You’ll get a hefty sum if you return their responses.

11 – Self-healing topics

Self-healing topics such as deep thinking, meditation, manifestation, the law of attraction, cosmic energy, and more are also trending topics to write eBooks about in 2023.

12 – Technical topics

If you’re already a technical expert in data science, artificial intelligence, SEO, ads marketing, and others, then there’s no thinking twice about writing an eBook about these subjects.

13 – Combine blog posts

To create a rich source of information for the readers, stacking blog posts all in one eBook is one of the greatest things you can do to ramp up your content marketing strategies.

14 – Create an illustrated storybook

Creating a storybook in the form of a children’s-literature style can bring life or simplicity to a difficult issue. The playfulness of your presentation will captivate your audience, and the straightforward narrative will appeal to them.

15 – Write your story

If you’ve achieved something greater in life and believe it’s only after the grinding, hustles, and struggles you get, then it’s a piece of rich information to share among your audience and hook and inspire them with your sacrifices.

16 – Write a manifesto to shake the status quo

What do you think should change in education? Do you have a new technique for approaching a tried-and-true activity? Do you know a secret that your customers would adore? Ideas are powerful things that can change the world.

17 – Write about email marketing

If you want email subscribers, the best thing to do is write about something of interest. For example, it will be interesting for them if you know what racing cars are like, their specifications or how they travel at super speeds. If your email subject line is full of keywords that relate to the topic of your email, more people would probably click on it even if they don’t necessarily want this information promptly.

18 – Google algorithm updates or something similar

Google updates its algorithms quite frequently. If you’re the one who chases these algorithms or has a more profound knowledge about the subject, you can write on topics like Google’s evergreen algorithms, Google’s most easy algorithms, and so on.

19 – To scale the writing process of writers

Be a writer’s friend and write everything you need to scale up the writing process writers.

Writing process: First, you have to choose the writing process which suits your writing style, needs, or even interests. With this writing process guide, you can quickly write an eBook that will help people in different ways and provide them with helpful information on a topic of their choice.

20 – Feature your experts

Use the insights of your knowledgeable and outspoken employees to create an eBook that shows off your greatest asset: your instructors. Your walls are packed with them.

21 – Make a workbook

Do you use the equipment and resources to assist with your ideal family’s issues? Those things should be given away! Create a workbook that will help your family through a problem they are having. They’ll use and reuse your book as a reference, and you’ll be remembered as the source.

22 – Curation/Compilation book

Dozens of sources are available for research. Take lessons from the top experts. Dig up obscure sources if you can. Tell your readers everything you’ve learned by compiling everything into one eBook.

23 – Reverse engineering

Look up successful persons who have done what you want to do. Research whatever you can about how they accomplished it. Identify consistent elements among them all.

Map out the blueprint of your eBook by breaking its methods down into steps. To see an expert example of this strategy, check out Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness Of Pursuit.

24 – Interview collection book

Mentorship is a highly discussed topic today. Everyone admires the secrets behind success and wishes to follow the same or similar path. For this purpose, you can compile the interviews of such successful people and make an eBook around it.

25 – Listicles

Listicles are a big hit with readers. People like reading list articles, even though they make fun of them. People enjoy listicles very much and work pretty well for books despite the internet.

26 – Tutorials/study guides

Have you ever had to take the SAT, GMAT, or LSAT? Study guides or classes that cost hundreds of dollars are probably available to you. The author was selling an outcome, not a book, so they weren’t selling a book.

27 – The big ideas

See all of Seth Godin’s publications. Each has a fundamental meaning, but each short chapter expands on the concept, solves a concern, explains the benefit of following his guidance, and so on.

28 – Life lessons

When you say, “By reading my tale, you’ll learn how to or be able to overcome a problem,” take away the key lessons from your life.

29 – Memorable allegory

One of the most renowned entrepreneurship publications is The Richest Man In Babylon. Unlike today’s business books, this book has no interviews, case studies, or actionable strategies. It’s a made-up story!

Humans are meant to store information in their brains. Good tales stay imprinted in our minds forever, while facts and numbers go in one ear and out the other. Use an engaging tale to convey your message to others.

30 – Any ‘Rock the Boat’ moment

Here you can switch to a completely different strategy by informing readers which strategies of your work the most and which are not at all impactful in accomplishing your goals.

31 – Case studies

Others just need motivation, not information or instruction. Collect a number of case studies on remarkable tales and compile them into one eBook.

32 – The Guinea Pig book

Is it unbearable to listen to all of that research? Maybe your desired data isn’t available anywhere, or you’re unable to find it. Consider yourself a scientific experiment and take a similar approach.

Try all the suggested ways to achieve XYZ and see which works best for you. Break down everything in your eBook by describing what works and what doesn’t.

33 – Memoirs and Biographies

Since they offer insight into the lives of notable persons and shed some light on how various firms operate, biographies are fascinating to read.

34 – Non-fiction

From scholarly books to travel guides and how-to manuals, non-fiction encompasses a wide range of subjects. In a nutshell, someone may be willing to pay for your ebook if you have enough expertise on a topic.

35 – Children’s eBooks

Children do read books, contrary to popular belief. Parents will continue to buy books for their little ones, even if the children’s ebook market is growing at a steady pace.

36 – Reading guides

Modern Mrs. Anne Bogel Darcy’s reading guides are incredibly easy to use, making it simple to choose what to read each season.

37 – Step-by-Step guides

Everyone enjoys simple step-by-step instructions. These offer step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish something, similar to how-tos. To stimulate demand for his other guides and services, Photoshopersite ZbrushGuides provides free eBooks.

38 – Inspirational

Write something inspirational by telling your tale. Like one of our favorite novels, #GIRLBOSS, which is also available as an eBook, they’ll learn simply by reading your tale.

39 – Women’s health

There could be a range of topics you can write about on women’s health and lifestyle. You can particularly touch upon single women’s issues and write a theory around them.

40 – Check other publishing

If you have a good idea for an ebook, don’t forget to hire the services of publishing experts. A publishing agency offers you professional guidance and a better understanding of your content. It will also manage all technical aspects related to its publishing, such as copywriting, editing, and formatting, before uploading it on the Kindle Store to reach a maximum number of readers globally.

41 – Don’t forget to google what people ask!

If you’ve selected a niche and now you’re a little confused about what to write around that niche, don’t forget to google what people are asking in general!

42 – Fintech

You can go for fintech topics, especially when you’re an expert in that field or at least you’re gaining knowledge in the area.

43 – Money management tips for teens or even elders

Who doesn’t want to manage their money or gain financial freedom? Well, everyone does! By writing these kinds of eBooks, you’re offering a precious resource to readers regarding financial literacy.

44 – Write about relationships

There are many authors and writers already prospering in this niche, and yet it’s still on boom! You can offer relationship advice or go into specific topics like a guide for divorced women, divorced men, and alike.

45 – Write for new moms!

Again, it’s a parenting advice kind of writing you can step into! New moms often find it struggling to cope with their babies or other issues. You can google what’s more trending in terms of SEO and start writing a full eBook around that.

46 – Video games

There are many video gamers out there, and they are already earning from side hustles like live streams. And writing an eBook on mastering a particular game could be another side hustle they can make money from.

47 – TikTok growth ideas or tips

We all know that TikTok is very GenZ, and if you’re already into that aura and can write something phenomenal on TikTok growth, then this is the right time to move ahead!

48 – Recipes

Recipes could be another great idea to step into. However, we’d advise you to be unique here as other authors already congest the space.

49 – Write about result-oriented side hustles

Making money online and side hustles are one of the hot topics on the internet right. And, it would be just awesome if you could craft something relatable or highly knowledgeable for the audience within this subject.

50 – Affiliate marketing guides

In general, you can also write about marketing guides if you’re a salesperson or write about affiliate marketing topics. That’s also a lucrative niche to step into!

FAQs on the Best Topics to Write an eBook

1 – What topics are trending in books?

There are many different trends that authors are exploring when it comes to writing books. Some popular subjects include romance, science fiction, and thrillers. Authors may also write about personal experiences or observational pieces about contemporary society. Whatever your interests might be, there is likely a book out there that addresses them in some way. So start reading!
Ebook is a great way to deliver more in-depth content. You can sell your ebooks on the internet and make money from them. Ebooks are a great way to expand your business ideas without spending money on advertising, which will boost the sales of products or services you’re offering and increase brand awareness.

2 – Should I hire a professional editor to proofread my book before publishing it?

Proofreading your book is an essential step before publishing it, but there are a variety of editors out there who can help. It’s essential to choose the right editor for your project and to be honest with them about any mistakes that you may find. Many professional editors charge between $50 and $200 per hour, so it will likely take more than one session for the entire book to be corrected.
Once you have chosen an editor, please provide them with a copy of your manuscript to get started. Be sure to include all necessary information, such as title page, copyright notice, table of contents, etc., so they can begin editing immediately. Remember quality over quantity! Your readers deserve nothing less than top-notch content when reading your book.

3 – How should I price my eBook?

You need to consider a list of factors while pricing your book. First and foremost, you should determine the right price point for your book. This will depend on its content, genre, and size.
Next, be sure to include in your cover design whether or not digital rights are included in the ebook price. You may charge extra fees for your services if these rights are not already included. And finally, factor in production costs such as ISBNs and royalties when setting prices for eBooks.

4 – How do I do marketing for my eBook?

Twitter has become the platform for twitter-based businesses. This is because Twitter provides maximum exposure to your business in a short time. One can gain wide reach and a vast number of followers quickly by following simple tips and tricks posted by other Twitter users on various hashtags available on Twitter for making tweets more successful.
Facebook was one of the most popular social media platforms in 2017. Facebook has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, and it’s still growing fast. You can reach a large audience through a Facebook marketing strategy to promote your page or group and increase engagement on this platform. And there are paid ads and Instagram that you can use for marketing your eBooks.

5 – How do I go about writing an ebook?

Once you have the ideal setup, the fuel or desire to write an eBook automatically generates. This involves developing the storyline, a catchy and compelling title, and formatting your work correctly for online publishing.
Once your ebook is finished, it’s important to upload it on platforms like Amazon Kindle or Google eBookstore so that potential buyers can access and buy it. You will also likely need to create some sales pages in order not only to market your ebook but also generate affiliate commissions if you choose to promote them yourself. Make sure all this work leads to the eventual launch date, so everything goes as planned!

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on the best topics to write an ebook about! If you want to learn more about the best ways to create an ebook that will help you achieve your business or personal goals, be sure to check out our website, where you can explore more similar topics that are sure to inspire and motivate you! Keep writing!






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