Can Editpad Beat Quillbot as a Creative Summary Generator

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Dr Sharon Baisil MD

Editpad and Quillbot are both well-known toolkits, that offer multiple tools for writers. One of their most prominent tools is a summary generator.

Summary generators of both tools are efficient in contracting or concising “Long-form content” pieces into short forms. During this process, they maintain the actual meaning of the content.

But the question that sometimes may arise in the minds of some people is whether Editpad can beat Quillbot as a creative summary generator.

To provide proof of our claim, we will cover the competitive and contrasting features of both tools. But, prior reaching to features we’ll talk about their overview in a precise manner.

Quillbot Summary Generator – Comprehensive Overview

The summary generator of Quillbot is based on automated technology. It works on recognizing the key points of the inputted content and writing the summary around them in a concise manner.

The type of summary generated from Quillbot is “Abstractive”. It means the tool adds some personal touch to the summary.

The summary generator of the Quillbot is offered in premium versions. Its free version accounts can summarize a maximum of “600” words. So, in order to summarize long-form content pieces, you will have to buy its premium account holding a maximum of “6000” words.

The tool is supportive of only different styles of English language i.e. American, British, Australian and Canadian.

For using Quillbot’s summarizer, you just have to type or paste the content in the input box. Moreover, you can directly upload the required file from the device.

Useful Features of Quilbot Summary Generator

1. Adjusting Summary Length

Adjusting the summary length is one of the prominent features offered by Quillbot. This feature allows users to customize or limit the length of a summary.

For this, the tool provides a slide. You will have to adjust it to the required limit before summarizing. The tool will generate a summary within that limit.

Let’s see the feature below;

2. Key Sentences

Another useful feature of the Quillbot summary generator is the key sentence extraction from the output. After setting the tool at the “Key Sentences” option, it will write a summary not in paragraphs but in the form of key sentences extracted from the input.

In this scenario, the key sentences of the output exactly match the sentences of the original content.

Here’s the demo;

3. Combination With Other Tools

Another top-notch feature of the Quillbot summary generator is the combination with an additional tool i.e. “Paraphrasing tool”. You can rephrase summaries with the help of the tool. The tool will make them clear of boring as well as complex wordings. It can be accessible with just a single click.

So, the above-mentioned are some of the most prominent features of the Quillbot summarizer. Now’s the time to head towards Editpad.

Editpad Summary Generator-Detailed Wrap-Up

Editpad Summary Generator is an advanced tool based on recent AI algorithms. The summary generator of Editpad is efficient in summarizing blogs, articles, research papers, theses, and many other types of written content pieces.

Its working mechanism involves the “NLP Technique” for perceiving the input. After that ML Technology hands out the process of writing a summary.

This combination of techniques used in the tool makes it always generate accurate results. Moreover, the type of summaries generated by the tool is “Extract Summary”.  It means there is no personal touch but sticking to original words and sentences.

Like Quillbot, Editpad is also accessible for free as well as premium accounts. However, it’s free accounts can summarize up to 10000 words at a time.

Cutting Edge Features of Editpad Summary Generator

1. Summary Length

Summarizing tool offered by Editpad provide a useful feature for adjusting the summary length. Unlike Quillbot, it not only gives you short to long summary length adjustment but tells the percentage also.

Let’s see it below;

2. Multiple Languages

Another worthwhile feature of the Editpad is the option to summarize in multiple languages. Editpad summarizing tool can be summarised in “11 Languages”. It means users from different regions can utilise it in their native language.

So, unlike Quillbot, Editpad is not limited to only summarising English content pieces.

3. Integration of Other Tools

Unlike Quillbot, the Editpad summarizing tool has integration with multiple tools i.e. Paraphrasing tools, and Plagiarism Checker.

  • Plagiarism Checker: This tool can be accessible from “Editpad Summarizer” with just one click. You can use it for checking plagiarism in the content.
  • Paraphrasing Tool:  This integrated tool is useful for changing the wording, tone, sentence structures as well and voice to boost the quality.

Let’s see them below in the demo;

4. Modes of Summarizer

One of the most versatile features of the summarizing tool is the availability of multiple modes i.e. Summarizer and AI Summarizer. Since you have already got familiarity with the former from the above demos.

Let’s know about the latter mode. For this, we summarized some of our texts using the “AI Summarizing Mode”.

Here’s the demo;

On the contrary, the Quillbot Summarizing tool provides only one mode to summarize.

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Both Summarizers Features

Key FeaturesQuillBotEditpad
Accounts AvailabilityBoth Free & Premium versions ✅ Free & Premium versions ✅
Words Limit600 for free users and 6000 Words for paid users ❌Unlimited Words Count for Both Free and Premium Accounts ✅
Different Summarizing modesNo modes ❌Two summarizing modes; Summarizer AI Summarizer ✅
Integration of other toolsOnly one i.e. Paraphraser     ❌Two integrated tools; Plagiarism Checker Paraphraser ✅
Multilingual SupportEnglish only ❌11 Languages ✅


We mentioned that summary generators of both are doing well at their place. Based on their above-mentioned overviews, comparison tables and cutting-edge features, it can be concluded that Editpad’s Summary Generator can beat Quillbot.

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