10 Interesting Things About Writing Love Squares

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As a writer, I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to express my love for the craft. Creating love squares is one of my favorite activities. This unique form of writing enables me to express a range of emotions, from joy and delight to sadness and hurt. In this article, I will share 10 interesting things about writing love squares that I have discovered over the years. So, if you’re looking for a creative way to express your feelings, read on to learn more about this wonderful form of writing.

What is a love square?

A four-way relationship dynamic wherein each individual is romantically and/or sexually connected to the other three is known as a “love square”. A quad or a polycule is another name for it. This type of relationship structure is often consensual, and all participants must be aware of and consent to the arrangement.

A love triangle is an essential element of love stories and relationships. Characters in love triangles usually have a romantic connection with each other, which shows that they are all deeply interested in one person or the other. Usually, characterization and conflict will be driven by these character interactions to create dramatic tension between them. However, a love square is a love triangle involving one person in the game.

It may be a lost cause for some characters, yet it can still be enjoyable to experience. An intriguing aspect of a love square is the strain between the partners on how to respond to their emotions for each other.

Writers and movie producers create compelling love squares by highlighting the complexity of the relationships and the struggle of emotions or unrequited love between the four individuals. There are countless ways to portray this in storytelling.

Understand love squares with these examples!

A, B, and C are all in love with D!

You could make at least one of the four characters in this kind of love web gay (for example, if you can write that type of narrative, this is a good option for you). As a result, they might have feelings for each other, even though they all love M.

It’s a complex system, as designed. Two men and two women are the most popular love squares configuration, however, this is not always the case. It might be three ladies in love with one guy, all fighting for him.

There are couples XY and MN, where A has feelings for M, and B has feelings for N!

This is a love square scenario in which four persons are involved with two “official couples,” while being romantically engaged with persons in the other relationship. In a triangle, the individual in the middle usually has emotions for two different individuals and is torn between whom to choose, but both loves in this connection (A and B) have fallen for people outside the connection.

And the other lovers might share similar sentiments. There are an endless number of turns!

10 Interesting Things About Writing Love Squares

Love square is a love triangle

A love square is a love triangle where an additional person is added to the story. This person might be a confidant, a friend, or a rival for one of the members of the triangle. The addition of the fourth person adds a layer of complexity to the story and can create a situation where all three people are vying for the affection of the fourth. The fourth person also serves as a way to explore the different sides of the triangle and bring out aspects of the characters that would not be explored in a standard love triangle.

Love squares are generally complicated!

Give a little synopsis of the plot. For your starting point, climax, and aftermath, look to it. Other possibilities include how your protagonist’s life will be affected by this love square, as well as what other characters will do.

That is why it is usually—more often than not—a good idea to plan your love square narrative and create a written diagram of the connections. You might get confused and mistakenly assume that whoever was supposed to go with who should have gone with them.

Characters are into each other as much as possible

Even if you don’t write something similar, making the characters involved with each other as much as possible is a good thing for you to do. As a result, you have a more intricate tale with greater tensions and conflicts.

The love square is a four-sided love triangle involving three people. It can be found in many TV shows and books, as well as being used by some authors for writing love scenes. The concept behind the love square was originally proposed by Joseph Jastell (1803–67), known also under his pen name Aylwin Smith, who published several novels that featured this format.

Character feelings are realistic

The characters’ feelings must be realistic and they must be given tangible reasons to be attracted to each other. If the characters can’t be bought with logical reasons, then they won’t be believable.

The triangle should not feel contrived or fake. In order to make your love square work, you must believe that these three people are drawn to each other and want more than anything else to be close to one another.

Different kinds of relationships are being explored here!

A love square can be used to explore different kinds of relationships, such as love triangles, friendships, and even enemies. What type of connections does your character have with the other two individuals in the love square? What might be at stake for them (emotionally, professionally, or both)?

Having a range of characters with different backgrounds and personalities will make your story more compelling. This is because different dynamics play out when characters are involved in a love triangle or friendship. By utilizing this information, you can craft a captivating narrative that will hold your audience’s interest.

Great love squares have something in common

When it comes to creating a fantastic love square or rectangle, it’s the same thing. Ultimately, all writers want to exercise their creativity, not just stick to a set of rules or guidelines established by someone else.

However, I believe that great love squares have certain things in common. Establishing the connections between characters should be done at the beginning of the story. Each relationship should be given about the same amount of time, and they should all be treated equally. All of the relationships in the story must go through a transformation as the narrative progresses. All of the relationships should have a well-defined conclusion unless you’re going for a trilogy.

If it makes a great love rectangle!

A great love rectangle in a story typically involves four characters who are all in love with each other, creating an intricate dynamic that is both complex and interesting. It typically centers around one of the four characters who is caught between two other characters who are in love with him or her.

The character faces a dilemma, creating tension and suspense as they ponder which option to take. This can often lead to a tragic ending, but can also be used to develop a sense of resolution and closure when the characters all come together and find a way to make the relationship work.

Relationships are often formed early in love squares

Relationships in a love square are formed when two characters are attracted to one another and form a connection. This connection can be physical or emotional, and they may share a common interest or hobby. As the story progresses, these two characters may become more involved with each other, and begin to feel a deeper connection or even love. As other characters are introduced, they may become attracted to one or both of the characters in the love square, and thus the love square is formed.

Love squares are a creative meet-cute!

Love Square is a creative meet-cute that involves four characters, each with a unique story, who all come together to form a romantic quadrangle. The characters usually have a shared interest, and this interest is what brings them together in the first place. As their stories intertwine, unexpected connections are made and love blossoms as they all come to realize how they are meant to be together. It is often used as a way to explore complex interpersonal relationships in a story, and it can be a great way to build tension and create a unique and memorable story.

Surprise connections are involved

Foreshadow connections between various characters, then reveal them as a surprise later in the story. This will add an extra layer of intrigue and suspense to the love square, as readers wonder what will happen next. It can also be used to develop characters in a way that was not originally planned or to deepen their relationship with one another.

A love square is a love triangle where the love interests are all different, not just one person. All three characters have romantic feelings for each other and their interactions help strengthen those ties. These relationships may be prevented by differences in social class or personal tastes that keep them from being together romantically.

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Final Words

After reading this article, you have a better understanding of what writing love squares is all about. Now, you must know that it is a powerful tool for developing a healthier and more meaningful relationship with your partner. Exploring feelings and desires can help couples create stronger connections. Overall, I have learned 10 interesting things about writing love squares, and I am sure there are more to explore.

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