100+ Jingle Writing Examples to Spark Your Imagination

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What is jingle in writing?

A jingle is a short, catchy musical phrase or phrase used in an advertisement to help potential customers remember the product or service being advertised. The jingle writer, or composer, is responsible for creating the melody and lyrics of the jingle. A jingle can be used in radio, television, and print advertisements to make the advertisement more memorable and effective. A jingle can be used to create a positive association with the product or service being advertised, as well as to provide information about the product or service.

Many jingles have become iconic and have become part of popular culture. The use of jingles in advertisements is an effective way to capture the attention of potential customers and make the advertisement more memorable. By using a jingle, the advertisement has a greater chance of success and the product or service being advertised is more likely to be remembered. A jingle writer is a highly skilled professional who creates jingles for advertisements that appeal to potential customers and convince them to purchase the product or service being advertised. Jingles are an important part of the advertising industry, and jingle writing is essential for creating successful advertisements.

100+ Jingle Writing Examples to Spark Your Imagination with Catchy Tunes

  1.  “The best place to shop, no matter the season, Walmart’s got the deals that you won’t want to miss!”
  2.  “Snap, crackle, pop! Rice Krispies make breakfast time a lot!”
  3.  “Taste the Rainbow with Skittles, so many colors and flavors to pick from!”
  4.  “For a feast that’s sure to make your day, KFC is the way!”
  5.  “Four out of five dentists agree, Colgate is the toothpaste for you and me!”
  6.  “Think outside the bun with Taco Bell, your taste buds will never tell!”
  7.  “M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand!”
  8.  “You deserve a break today, so get yourself a McDonald’s!”
  9.  “Chillin’ like a villain with Dr. Pepper, you can’t get better!”
  10.  “Obey your thirst with Sprite, the best way to stay light!”
  11.  “Head down to the store, for Burger King and more!”
  12.  “For the freshest produce around, Shoprite is your one-stop-shop in town!”
  13.  “Take a break from the every day, with a Starbucks latte!”
  14.  “For all your banking needs, Bank of America is your go-to for all your deeds!”
  15.  “The perfect place for shoes, DSW is here for you!”
  16.  “There’s no better place to shop, than the Gap!”
  17.  “Fashion finds for you and me, H&M is the place to be!”
  18.  “For the best in tech, Apple is the ultimate pick!”
  19.  “For all your beauty needs, Ulta has it all indeed!”
  20.  “When you want delicious food, McDonald’s is the place to choose!”
  21.  “Get your freshness on, with the laundry detergent that’s never gone! Tide it up and wash away your cares, with the number one detergent for your wear!”
  22.  “The perfect crunch for your lunch, the crunchiest chips that you can munch! Doritos have the crunch you crave, and the flavor that keeps you coming back for more!”
  23.  “When you need a pick-me-up, nothing beats the goodness of Lipton tea! Wake up, perk up, and enjoy the taste of the day, with Lipton to jumpstart your day!”
  24.  “Experience the thrill of a drive, with a car that’s built to survive. Honda-the reliable car of choice, ride with confidence and rejoice!”
  25.  “Create beautiful memories with Kodak-the camera you can take! Capture life’s special moments with Kodak, so you can always look back!”
  26.  “Crisp and tasty, it’s what you’ll get with Lay’s potato chips and more. From barbecue to sour cream, get ready to crunch and enjoy the snack of the year!”
  27.  “Get your pizzas hot and fresh from the oven, with Papa John’s the best you’ve ever known! Pizzas that are loaded with flavor, satisfy your cravings, now and later!”
  28.  “A flavor that can’t be beaten, when you choose the meat of Smithfield Street. No matter what’s for dinner tonight, Smithfield has the taste that’s just right!”
  29.  “You deserve a break today, with McDonald’s flavor that’s here to stay. From juicy burgers to golden fries, come to McDonald’s for the meal of your life!”
  30.  “Put the fun back in your day, with the energy boost of Red Bull! Recharge your batteries and get you going, with the power of Red Bull that’s always showing!”
  31.  “No matter what you crave, Burger King has it made – flame-grilled just the way you like it!”
  32.  “When you’ve got the munchies, reach for a bag of Lay’s – all the flavor you know, nothing gets better than that!”
  33.  “Dive into a world of deliciousness with Kit Kat – break me off a piece of that!”
  34.  “It’s the taste that’s never been beaten – get your hands on some Cheetos and make your day complete!”
  35.  “It’s the perfect snack to start the day – reach for a bowl of Quaker Oats and make it great!”
  36.  “Make your mealtime a more flavorful treat – try some Del Monte veggies today and make it complete!”
  37.  “Taste the goodness of Frito-Lay – it’s the snack that’s here to stay!”
  38.  “When it’s time to snack, reach for Pringles – stack them up and you won’t be able to stop!”
  39.  “When it comes to snacks, Doritos can’t be beaten – grab a bag and make your taste buds sing!”
  40. Fresh and crisp, Pepsi quench.
  41. Wonders never cease Nike, please.
  42. Hungry? McDonald’s says please.
  43. Burger King, have it your way.
  44. Fab and fresh, KFC is best.
  45. Quality that stands the test, Chevrolet.
  46. The best in town is Dunkin’ Donuts around.
  47. No better way, than Coors Light day.
  48. Deliciousness supreme, Dairy Queen ice cream.
  49. Soar high and free, American Airlines soar.
  50. Baked fresh and sweet, Krispy Kreme treats.
  51. Come and play, Xbox today.
  52. For the best brew, Starbucks is true.
  53. Keeps you full, Burger Shack cool.
  54. Shop with ease, Amazon, please.
  55. For the best price, Walmart is nice.
  56. Look no further, Apple computers are better.
  57. Ready to go, Subway oh!
  58. Always on the move, Shell fuel groove.
  59. Everyday value, JCPenney sale.
  60. “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”
  61. “Be all that you can be, in the Army”
  62. “Snap! Crackle! Pop! Kellogg’s Rice Krispies!”
  63. “Good to the last drop, Maxwell House Coffee”
  64. “R-O-C-K in the U-S-A, McDonald’s and you”
  65. “Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner”
  66. “Hey Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind”
  67. “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, Alka-Seltzer”
  68. “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee”
  69. “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”
  70. “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar”
  71. “We make dreams come true every day with Disney”
  72. “Tastes so good cats ask for it by name, Friskies”
  73. “You deserve a break today, Mcdonalds'”
  74. “Coca-Cola is the real thing”
  75. “Pizza, pizza, Papa John’s”
  76. “I’m lovin’ it, McDonald’s”
  77. “Bright eyes, bushy tails, Purina for healthy puppies”
  78. “The pause that refreshes, Coca-Cola”
  79. “It takes two hands to handle a Whopper, Burger King”
  80. “You’ll never miss a beat when you choose our tasty treats!”
  81. “Taste the pleasure of our products, you won’t regret it!”
  82. “Take a bite and you’ll see why our products are the best!”
  83. “With our products, life is always fun and tasty!”
  84. “You deserve the finest, and our products deliver!”
  85. “Treat yourself to the best—our products won’t disappoint!”
  86. “You’re sure to be satisfied when you choose our products!”
  87. “Our products bring joy and flavor to your life!”
  88. “With our products, you can’t go wrong!”
  89. “Our products bring satisfaction, every time!”
  90. “Try our products and you’ll never go back!”
  91. “Open a box of our products and you’ll be in for a treat!”
  92. “The taste of our products will make your mouth water!”
  93. “Our products provide a delicious experience like no other!”
  94. “Taste the difference between our products and you’ll never look back!”
  95. “We guarantee satisfaction with every bite of our products!”
  96. “Love at first bite with our products!”
  97. “Our products make it so easy to enjoy life!”
  98. “Our products are sure to put a smile on your face!”
  99. “Taste the amazing flavor of our products and you won’t be disappointed!”
  100. . “Oscar Mayer wiener, the best hot dog you’ll ever see!”
  101. “Bounce with the freshness of Tide, it’ll keep your laundry looking nice!” 
  102. “Just do it with Nike and be ready to take flight!” 
  103. “McDonald’s makes your day all the way, start it with a meal and a smile!” 
  104. “You’ll love the taste of Diet Coke, light and refreshing, that’s no joke!” 
  105. . “Go Gatorade and stay hydrated, keep your body energized!”

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Some Expert Tips for Writing Jingles

  • 1. As a Jingle Writer, you should always make sure to create memorable tunes that will stick with the audience. Jingles should be catchy and hummable to make sure that the advertisement stands out from the crowd.
  • 2. When writing jingles, it is important to consider the target audience and their preferences when creating the melody and lyrics. Advertising agencies should be consulted to ensure that the jingle best resonates with their audience.
  • 3. Jingles must be simple and easy to remember. Advertising agencies should avoid overly complex tunes and make sure that the jingle can be easily repeated.
  • 4. Jingles should be creative and unexpected. Creative jingles will help the advertisement stand out from other advertisements, which will then draw attention from the audience.
  • 5. Advertising agencies should make sure to keep the jingle length appropriate. Too long jingles can fail to capture the attention of the audience.
  • 6. Jingles should have a clear message that reflects the brand or product. Advertising agencies should make sure that the jingle conveys the right message to the right audience.
  • 7. Jingles should be consistent with the brand’s overall mission. This will make the advertisement more recognizable and memorable to the audience.
  • 8. Jingles should be unique and have a distinct style that sets them apart from other advertisements for potential clients. Ad agencies should create jingles that are different from other jingles in the market.
  • 9. Jingles should be professional and produced to the highest standards. Advertising agencies should make sure that the jingle is mixed and mastered correctly.
  • 10. Jingles should be promoted in the right channels. Advertising agencies should ensure that the jingle is promoted in the right places to ensure maximum reach.

Final Words

If you’re looking to write catchy jingles for your business, you’re in luck! This blog contains 100+ examples of catchy jingles that can help you achieve the tone and style you’re looking for. By following these guidelines, you can write catchy jingles that will help your business stand out from the competition. If you want to learn more about how to write catchy jingles for your business, be sure to check out this blog.

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